5 Great Kitchen Tools for Making Cooking Easier & Safer

shutterstock_166268645Today, there are many kitchen gadgets out there designed to make food preparation and cooking easier and safer. From power pressure cookers to salad spinners to oil misters, check out these five great kitchen tools.

  1. Power Pressure Cooker – With a good power pressure cooker, you can cook delicious nutritious meals in a fraction of the time. You can use a power pressure cooker to make anything from vegetables and chili to fish and ribs. One of the top power pressure cookers is the Power Pressure Cooker XL, which reviews the best ways to improve cooking. Along with saving you time and energy, the power pressure cooker retains moisture and locks in nutrients and vitamins that are often lost in longer cooking processes.
  1. Salad Spinner – If you make a lot of salads, you should definitely utilize a salad spinner. Salad spinners are used to wash and eliminate excess water from your salad greens. While its primary use is for washing and drying lettuce, a salad spinner can also be used for rinsing and drying herbs, vegetables, berries and pasta.
  1. Vegetable Brush – Vegetable brushes make cleaning vegetables with tough and delicate skins so much easier. Vegetable brushes differ in design and bristles, but many are oval or circular with nylon bristles. They are designed to remove dirt and debris from vegetable skins without bruising them.
  1. Oil Mister – Oil serves many purposes in cooking, which makes an oil mister so essential. An oil mister is a small bottle that you can fill with any oil you chose. It sprays out a mist of oil and eliminates the need to wipe oil on food or pour it in a pan. It’s more economical because the mist delivers the small amount of oil you need.
  1. Food Thermometer – Consuming raw or undercooked meats can cause illness. A food thermometer is a must-have cooking tool, as it is the only full proof way to know if your food has finished cooking.

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